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Friday, February 20, 2015

and a shout out to the one who INTRODUCED me to Pocket Pals.... Bonita Rose

 I first fell in love with Bonita's bright personality, and
her vibrant art and photography.  She has a flare for
all things beautiful...from God's works of art in
a simple sunset or flower, to the atmosphere
in her livingroom.... literally...she captures the
every SINGLE day...and she does it oh so well.
So..... Project Life love is how I first began
following her webpage and instagram...
then day she posted about
Pocket Letter Pals...and I was hooked.
I'm home all day now..... and I have so, so, so
many arts and crafts supplies in my craft room...
what better way to spread some joy than
through happy mail and pen pals....
I'm just loving it!! So...big shout out...
you really should check out her webpage
at the link below the pics of her 
wonderMOUS Project Life & Pocket Letter
posted here.... SO AWESOME!!!
Bonita Rose~Project Life page..... see why I'm hooked on
her PL style!! It's absolutely breathtaking!!! She's got skills!
 Bonita Rose~Pocket Letter
I got my first PL from her and OHHHH the happy!!

What are Pocket Letters? Janette Lane created these and shared the idea on Instagram and Facebook.. I ADORE RAK snail mail!

Meet the lovely...Janette Lane.... creator of Pocket Letter Pals
What are Pocket Letters? 
Check out the link below to
learn more about Janette Lane 
and how she started
this neat happy mail idea.....
Here are a few of my first Pocket Letters.....
it has been fun to use the scraps and extra STASH of planner supplies, card supplies, and scrapbooking supplies I already have. It is also pretty cool to meet folks from  Germany to Canada and as close as Alabama who also love pen pals and paper crafting. 
This was my first Project Life 
Pocket Letter Swap.... 

I gather a basket full of coordinating supplies 
to start my Pocket Letters..... 
 This is the original Pocket Letter Format.....
 using the baseball card page protectors 
and a whole lot of sparkly scrap papers! :)

This was my second set of Pocket Letters.....
 I again used scraps! FUN FUN!!
This is how I organized my Pocket Letter Swap Binder.....

.......and YOU KNOW 
Lil Miss Stinkin Cute had to help out!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

I stepped right into my dreams.....a little peace of heaven on Earth.... Brave Girl Camp

Brave Girl Camp - Boise, Idaho
Last month I was able to attend Brave Girl Camp and 
feel as if I stepped into another world.  I have never
experienced anything like it in my 46 years of life.
When you think of putting 25 women in one small
building...each with different personalities and ideas..
from different walks of life...... different views.....
different socioeconomic status.... different proffessions...
well, lets be honest here... you would usually equate 
all of the above with "clicks" or "snobbery" or 
"leaving someone out" or "not feeling adequate" or
"not fitting in" or "fear of failure"..... and so many'
more things that usually are brought to mind
when that many women, who seem so different
are put together.... BUT NO.... at that magical 
place...NO ONE felt left out, every single person
felt cherished and loved and wanted and needed,
as each person became a spoke on that large wheel
called Brave Girl Club.... each person brought
her story, her talent, her gifts to the whole....
in a way that I have never seen before...
the wheel was able to do its job.... it turned
and had not ONE wobble.... from the start.
Melody and Kathy (and each Brave Sister
staff member) greeted us morning after 
morning with open arms....LITERALLY...
arms stretched wide ... with nothing but
love in their eyes....and sweet greetings from
their lips the moment we stepped off of
the Brave Girl Bus onto the Camp grounds.
I came home a better me....because each 
brave sister there made me see my 
strength....the gifts that I brought to 
the world..... to my family and friends...
to my new the end....
THERE WAS NO END.... because we
left knowing that forever we would be
bound by this sisterhood called 
"Brave Girl Club".... we know that this
place.... was a place where we truly 
learned what our wings were born to
do.... not just flap furiously in effort to
get higher ...but to fly peacefully and 
along the way to be wrapped around
other brave sisters who we meet on
our journey home.
If you've never visited the Brave Girl Club..
it would be SO worth a look-see! :) 
you will truly be blessed!! 
This is how we were greeted EACH morning as we arrived
on the Brave Girl Bus..............
Our first day there, Melody gave us bird seed to visualize being
our "worries from home"...we then threw our worries to the
birds..... because we were going to be HERE and ONLY here
this week.... and no worries were welcome because, as Melody
said, "Worries are for the birds!" ......... 
Precious sister bonds were formed with each brave girl there.....
There were words of affirmation sprinkled throughout
the property to remind us that WE indeed were worth
the time to "get away" and become BRAVER than
we ever knew we were...... we found just how ALIKE
we really are.... just little girls inside making our way
in a great big world.... daughters, mothers, sisters,
friends, grandmothers, wives, ......and oh so much more!
Mentor bonds were made with so many precious sisters..
Mrs. Pam's strength and resilience left me in awe of the
power and majesty of OUR LORD.... what a beautiful
testimony of strength and grace and mercy her life is...
what a blessing to know her....and walk this journey
with her ..... she taught us all what it means to be
strong yet gentle.... love just oozes from her!! 
 Alumni Brave Girls wrapping their sweet wings
around their NEW Brave Girl sisters...... Leigh and Mrs. Judy.
Jeni and Dawn (new Brave Girl being loved on by an alumni
Brave Girl.... nothing sweeter!)
Alumni Brave Girls wrapping their arms around their new
Brave Girl sisters..... momma bonds were MADE.... and
will forever remain..... :) Mrs. Annie and I.
Fall was in the air....and all over the camp grounds.......
 Jeni and I...two NEW Brave Girls!!
 Group time.... singing and sharing ..... priceless moments!
 Artsy Fartsy TIME.....endless art supplies right at our little fingertips!!
Trina... .another NEW Brave Girl sister.................... 
Our sisterhood will only grow stronger through the coming
years....and this I KNOW FOR SURE....... 
My sister gift (Leigh) and I with Melody on the last night of camp.
Me, Kathy and Leigh. :)
What I learned about myself at camp is that
God designed me to be free... His mercies are
new every SINGLE morning.... on this journey home!

Friday, August 15, 2014

God bless the makers in the world! For they are the true record keepers of our lives!

A lot of this going on.... 5 hour drive to Birmingham, AL
 from our little town of Summit, MS..... but worth it! 
Great medical staff and facility!

First, I can't believe it has been so long since my last post!
We will start with .... my health.  My RA hasn't 
gotten much better.  We are now at UAB in 
Birmingham.  My husband researched and found
the best RA group (closest) to us that he could 
find and got all of my records sent to UAB... it took
us about 7  months to get an appointment...but I
began this journey 4 weeks ago.  After ultrasounds
on my hands and Xrays on my neck, shoulders, feet,
ankles and wrists.... we learned that the bones
in my feet, toes, hands, fingers, wrists and neck
have begun fusing.  I will begin Rituxin infusion 
treatments in the near future and will be going
for my first visit with Dr. Sesser on Sept. 29. She 
is my new Pain Management doctor.  The staff at
UAB have been cRazy attentive, and methodically
thorough. We have been amazed at how effective
they are and how quickly they have gotten this
entire journey moving forward.  God's hand has
definitely been in this trek!!  THIS MAN..... is my rock!

I got to reconnect with a HOMETOWN friend from childhood
 after my first appointment and anticipate more time with 
her during our journey with UAB.
Isn't it neat how God
 can lead you on new journeys
 INSIDE another journey.... 
He is INDEED amazing!! 
Tiffany and I after 20+ years.... felt like it was yesterday!!

I have this disease, it does NOT have me!
I am determined to use my hands until
 I can not use them any longer.
I do know that this disease is a waiting game...
as it fuses my bones and twists my joints, 
eventually the journey will lead to deformation...
BUT this just makes me MORE determined
 than EVER to get going NOW!
I am STILL loving the art of creating ANYTHING by
hand....the legacy leaving is very important to me.  I take
pride in seeing my sweet daughter, now 21, sharing her love
of art with her little 7 year old sister.  It is truly a breathtaking
sight to behold.  This world has become so "fast paced" so
"click a button and send a message", so "phone in hand at all
times, therefore NO time to MAKE time for CREATING 
together while connecting and growing lasting bonds" and
this is so very sad to me.  I'm hoping to make a change in 
our small community by starting Stamp N Chats at our home
again. Our first meeting will be on August 21 and I'm EXCITED!
At this first meeting of Stamp N Chat we are going
to do a few cards with this RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING
Stampin' Up! stamp set..... AND do our Paper Pumpkins
together........ if you live close and want to join....

 AND I will be showing you guys the Digital Scrapbooking 
Studio.... I am JUST learning this...but I LOVE how I 
can sit at my computer and upload my photos... of course
getting together and cutting and gluing and chatting and chewing
and loving and learning with other women is MY FIRST
SCRAPBOOKING LOVE..... but, this is a new and
neat way to do a few projects quickly, artfully and beautifully!
Since last November there have been 
other changes in our home, as well...
we have a new addition to the family!
Our empty nest isn't so empty anymore.... Frappe
now has a sister. Lexie, our Golden Doodle, was 
born in Tupelo, MS on January 10, 2014. She is
now 7 months old.  This puppy is HUGE....
but she thinks she is still a tiny PUP! It is so 
incredibly hilarious to watch her try to squeeze 
through little spots she was once, not so long
ago, able to get through with ease.  She has
brought so much joy into our lives....oh how
much I have loved our fur babies during this
new season at home.  I am smitten with her.
Here are a few pictures of our Lil Miss Stinkin Cute!
....and of course I have to add an updated picture
of our little guy, Frappe...
I can NOT end my update without letting you know
 how my HUMAN babies are doing.  Robbie graduated
 from MSU in December of 2013. He is now living in 
Cleveland, MS and is a Biological Engineer for Baxter
Medical.  He has purchased five acres and will 
begin his journey building his first home this year.  
It is SO incredibly amazing to watch your children
soar..... I miss him every waking moment of my life....
but I am super proud of him.  He is quite good at 
texting, calling and visiting too... PRAISE GOD!! 
LeeAnna accepted a practicum for her Child Life Specialist major at
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital this summer in Memphis, TN.  We 
were blessed that a friend took her in their home for her two weeks
there AND she got to spend time with my sister, who also lives in 
the Memphis area.  She is starting her senior year at MSU and will
be a Child Life Specialist before we know it.  I never imagined 
that this "growing up" stuff would happen so quickly..... 

She had a great time with her Aunt Jamie "junkin" and eating at THE BEST BBQ PLACE IN
MEMPHIS.... GRIDLEY'S!! If you have never been....YOU SHOULD!!! 

My sister and brother-n-law are THE best at showing
Gridley's Bar-B-Q
6842 Stage Rd
Bartlett, TN 38134