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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 (Photo from
I love finding beautiful quotes and artwork
that inspire not only my creativity, but also my soul.
 This picture reminds me that there is meaning in each season
of  my life and each season makes it MY UNIQUE STORY.
After getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1990, God
blessed us with two beautiful children and if I had NOT been
diagnosed with RA, I would have probably gone back to work.
So as I begin to look back on MY STORY...and
make it meaningful for myself and for my children,I begin
to have a different perspective about the trials in MY STORY.
I have always known that God is a Father that will never
leave or forsake His children.... I KNOW THAT I KNOW..
He is with me each step of the way. But, being honest,
I would have to admit during those DOWN moments, I often
times got lost in the "what if's" and didn't just simply trust in
His perfect timing. Today as I look  closely at this season in
my life, disability retirement, I begin to find that God
allowed me (through the diagnosis of this disease) to be
at home with my children from birth to 7th and 9th grade.
That is a   blessing and I'd not take ONE moment back!
Yes, there were days of extreme pain. Yes, I was very
young and my marriage was very young as well.
Yes, it took me a long time to learn how to live with a
chronic illness. BUT IT IS A PART OF MY STORY.....
and without it .... my life would not have been the same. 
It's all about perspective! 
Yesterday, my first day of retirement, I called my husband
 (boss) and asked, "MayI take the day off? I am not able to
open my hands today." He replied, "Yes you may!Now you
lay back down and rest today. Your benefits are endless in
this new job baby. You don't even HAVE to call just
have to take care of you." How beautiful is that! No dock in
pay, don't have to count my sick days and keep up with how
many I have left, I have vacation days whenever I need them!
Today, my second day of retirement. I was able to take my
daughter to pick up her prom dress and earrings at lunch. If I
had been working, I would not have been able to do this.For
 the past two years, I had been coming home from work
hurting so bad I would end up going to bed early so I could
work the next day. I had NO ENERGY even on good
days to do anything. I know that as my immune system
strengthens, I will be able to volunteer at church, the school,
and do more painting for the gallery in Summit. 
There will be no more fretting  about this
season in my life  for another second...
And we know that God causes everything to work
together for the good of those who love  God and are
called according to His purpose for them.
Romans 8:28.
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Summit, MS

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