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Friday, April 13, 2012

A sister is a forever friend!

 My SISTER GIFT, Leigh, and I after 
decorating her house for Christmas!
This is a tradition we do each year!! FUN! FUN! 

Leigh is allergic to dogs...but she loves our Frappe.

Our Sister Gift scrapbooking retreat dream.... just praying and dreaming.

Our NUTTY kids! Summer, Robbie, Jordan and LeeAnna.

This is my SISTER GIFT.... God sent her into my life when our boys were in 3 year old pre-school and from the moment we met, we KNEW this was more than friendship.  We always joke that we live parallel lives, just five hours apart.  She has a heart from God and teaches me so much about His perfect love without even knowing she is teaching.  Her gift of mercy and grace touches so many around her.  As her husband says, "She is the spoke is so many wheels!" She is a prayer warrior and we have a bond with our prayer chain that I will cherish forever.  I haven't gotten to be very close to my sister or brother, so when Leigh came into my life....she and her family made us a part of their family.  My kids even think of her as Othermama....they call HER often times when they need help with something or a medical question for Dr. Tony.  How blessed to be given a SISTER GIFT!! 

Jonee Gail..... friends since 10th grade.Saw her two years ago and took this picture....we look alot different than
we did in highschool.... FOR REAL! But the smiles say it all!! Love that girl! 

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