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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Woke up with "Faith Book" on my mind..anyone want to join?

This is the beginning of the Faith Book.... I will post the step-
by-step photos after I go see some little first graders today.
It is NOT finished.... have to let the paint dry before I can do
details and add scripture reference without getting my hand in
that wet pink paint. But this is just a little glimpse of what I 
started last night. I will do another one tonight and post pictures.
Hope you decide to follow along and post some scripture, or
quotes or lyrics that you would like to put in your book.  Until
I see you later....HOPE you all have a joy filled day lovelies!!

I will upload a picture tomorrow of my first day's "Faith Card"
and show you step by step how to make your very own
(including the cover and back page). If you are at all like me,
stinkin' thinkin' can creep up on you fast! In times like these
I try to remember the scriptures I've hidden in my heart.
However, as I have gotten older, some of them are harder
to recall.  So, what better way to memorize them again and
draw from the daily to help me remember God's promises,
sometimes a quote or sometimes lyrics may touch me....and
I will have those inserted in my Faith Card Ring or Book...I
have to see what I have in my craft room in order to find out
which I will make.  Hope to do a class at New Heights Baptist
Church soon.  Feeling better EACH day! "Delight yourself in 
the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." 
Psalm 37:4   Hope you join me!

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