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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On a rollercoaster ride.....steroids....oyyyy

YES.....I'm feeling the "ROID" rage these days!
I've been on so many steroids over these past
4 months that I have become an emotional
rollercoaster and feel like a hot air balloon.  OH
LORD HELP ME! We will be leaving for New York City
in 9 days..... and I am hoping to be good to go!
The steroids are like oil for my joints....but they
cause such burned skin and emotional RIDES
that I want to be off of them by the time we fly out.
If you follow my blog and are a prayer warrior,
please pray that God will calm this storm if only
for the trip, so I can enjoy time with my daughter
and sister in NYC.  A BUCKET LIST ITEM!

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