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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Spoon Theory.... daily choices .....

 I got up this morning and thought about
 MY SPOONS…. It has been raining here 
and very gloomy.  My hips and feet 
haven’t cooperated well… I’ve been 
doing some crafting in my room.  I got 
on facebook to check on my new friends 
on the RA pages I follow.  A sweet new 
friend, with two small children, is going 
through the SAME confusion I remember 
walking in when I was diagnosed with RA 
after the birth of my first child 21 years ago.  
AND PLAY with my babies like I want to…
DAYS. First I want to thank RAGuy ( 
for sharing this. Due to my RA becoming 
so aggressive this year,  I was again 
walking in that same confusion and fear 
after I had to retire early when I began 
following a few RA pages on facebook.  It was
 so neat to be with people who UNDERSTAND 
this disease and it’s limitation.  When he 
posted the “Spoon Theory” link, I read it 
and sent it to my best friend and my 
husband because it explained my daily 
struggle so very well. It really helped them 
understand the daily internal battle I 
have over decisions that others don’t even 
think about.  He has also published a book 
of RA hands and stories….very inspiring website.
     The  Spoon Theory is about difference in
 the daily options that "healthy" people have 
from the moment they wake up compared 
to those of us with a chronic auto-immune 
diseaseEach “move or choice”  we make, 
we must consider the “energy” or “spoons” 
used to make that “move or choice”.  We also 
have to keep the side effects from the 
chemo infusion treatments and other meds, 
which can hit whenever they decide to
in mind.  The hardest thing is wanting to 
go and do all of the things you 
WANT to do….but NOT being able to do 
them because it will put you in bed for 
two or three days AFTER you PUSH yourself 
to do it.  The let down on your family 
and friends’ faces because they think you 
are just being lazy or are not very consistent.  
In order for others NOT to feel this way about 
me…. I pushed for YEARS and am now on 
disability retirement at age 43.  I wish I’d 
read this SPOON THEORY years 
ago….it would have helped me explain to 
my close friends and family the struggle I
have when trying to meet everyone’s 
needs (including my own) in a better way.
  I would not have struggled so hard 
to PUSH myself beyond the SPOONS I had 
available for the day.  I hope this helps others 
who are walking in these very SAME shoes. 
 Let your friends and family read it so 
that they too can understand that 
a “little decision” for them is 
not so LITTLE  for you.

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