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Friday, July 6, 2012

They won't always be babies!

It is strange how I viewed my kids as they were little
tikes.... I soaked up each moment so that I never
fully grasp the idea that they would indeed grow "UP".
As middle school and high school hit, I was still 
viewing my kids as my babies... they still needed
me and were always coming to me with questions.
As my son's senior year approached it began to hit
home that my "babies" were growing "UP" and 
soon they would be growing "OUT".  I always
knew in my heart they were a gift from God to 
guide, guard and protect until the day I was 
to help them fly own their own.  YES, it hit
hard and I cried tears of joys and tears of 
"where did all the years go" when my son left
for college.  BUT oh how this year has marked
the beginning of a "TRUE EMPTY NEST".
I watched my baby girl leave for Indiana 
for summer missions with a joy filled heart.
As the days passed, she began vocalizing 
how much she missed home and then
came her "countdown to return". It made 
me think..... upon her return, she will have
one year left at home before joining her 
brother at MSU.... where did all the time
go? It is a blessing to know that my kids are
healthy, happy, intelligent, and moral young 
adults that are able to fly own their own....
but OH how I will miss them.  I will smile
and help fix up her dorm room at the junior 
college a mile from our house this year...
but in my heart there WILL BE TEARS!
MY BABIES are growing "UP"!

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