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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wow.... I haven't posted in 3 months....

Thanks Melody Ross ... I am loving ART II  class.

The holidays have come and gone..... and things are pretty quiet
around the house with both kids in college now.  I have been
doing a little crafting (above pics) and taking care of the 
puppies during the day.  I am finally getting use to staying
home again.  My RA has been pretty aggressive, but we
are praying that the new chemo treatments will be the
answer. Hope everyone is doing well... I have done inventory
of my time and God has shown me how I have not been
truly appreciating the MOMENTS that He has given me
with the ones I love.  I have been spending so much time
on Facebook with friends and games! I uninstalled it from
my phone in order to BE completely WITH the loved ones
I am able to still spend time with AND BE TOTALLY
TIME IT BEEPS!! It was so easy to fill every moment
when the kids were at home .... we either learning, creating,
going, eating, reading, riding.....well, all the things we do
with our children.  This season is so different..... and
I am ready for God to show me what my purpose is in this
season of my life.....and I WILL ENJOY EACH MOMENT.