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Thursday, May 23, 2013 fast time flies!

Well, in only two short months I will have an empty nest!! I have
always loved having a house filled with kids and laughter.
This is proving to be one of THOSE "hardest things I've ever
been through" moments.  I take joy in knowing that both
 of my children will be together at Mississippi State University
and that it is only a three hour trip, but not seeing them
 daily is the part I will miss.  I am blessed to have a husband
who helps me refocus and remember that we have raised
them to be capable, smart, and strong....knowing that
they are ready for this next step in life.  But now...what
to do with me! My Rheumatoid is still taking over my every 
joint.....and I am trying daily to think positive and claim victory
that things will even out soon.
My next journey will be gastric sleeve surgery.
My doctor thinks getting the weight i've gained with all of
 the steroids this year, will help my hips, ankles and knees and 
feet.  Also, a new stomach lining for ME!
After 23 years of Rheumatoid Auto Immune Disease
and anti inflammatory meds.... my stomach lining has thinned
TIS SCAREY! But I am all for it....if it helps, prevents
stomach lining tear (due to meds) and makes me more mobile-----
let's go! I think this journey will keep my mind off of the
 empty nest, as I know it will not be aneasy surgery and
recovery.  BUT it is a necessary one and will not only help the
 RA, but also my high blood pressure and borderline diabetes.
Onward...... each day brings us a little closer,,,and I know
that God will prepare me for both of these journeys!!
and all the while I WILL SING MY BRAVEST SONG!

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