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Saturday, November 9, 2013

TIS the season for giving THANKS.....

Frappe at 4 weeks old...... he has grown
into the most handsome FUR BABY ever!

Mr Frappe has been my side-kick over this past
two years of...BEING AT HOME AGAIN! I am
so thankful God brought him to our door three years 
ago all covered in mud! I couldn't resist his little
self looking up at me with his HUGE puppy
eyes.  Since the kids are both away at college
now, he has truly helped me through this
transition.  We've come to enjoy our snuggle
time.... I read and he snoozes.  When we are
just really tired of being cooped up in the house..
and I AM ABLE to go for a drive or walk.....
his ears LITERALLY perk upon hearing 
the words "GO FOR A RIDE" or 
to grip a paintbrush, do some scrapbooking,
or make some cards ..... he is laying right
under the craftroom table by my feet.
OH...and when it draws close to 5:00 
and I say 
"It's almost time for daddy to be home!"....
he will run to the garage door and 
wait until he hears it opening.

THAT is our favorite time of day!! 

I am still in disbelief at how the time has flown by...
it truly feels like yesterday they were running
down the hall with their stick, chosen 
specifically for that year's "Nativity Play".... I had to
get out my fabrics and make their JoFUS and Mary
costumes...and LeeAnna's "Real Baby" always
played the role of baby Jesus.  I will cherish 
these memories forever!! Each year I try
 to post a special
"Note to Mommies with LITTLE ONES"
on my Facebook page...because truly, YOU BLINK..
and they are away at college, setting out on
their own life journey!! 
"To all of those mommies with young children, 
"The days are long, but the years are short!" 
Enjoy EVERY single messy, sticky, loud, sweet, 
cuddly, question after question, laughing, crying, 
sloppy kissy, taxi driving, paint all over fingers, toes 
and even our nose, ballgame cheering, dance 
recital practice going, indian outfit making, joFUS 
and mary and baby jesus outfit making, pumpkin 
cutting, last minute school project, weed bouquets
 in chubby fists, having a HOME and not a spotless, 
perfect GRAND HOUSE, knees bent in prayer for
 puppies and everything under the SON, moments NOW...
. TRULY... there will be TIME for the quiet and the calm
 when they are grown.... these days will be the memories
 that make you smile, have happy tears, and for 
no reason at all "GIGGLE OUT LOUD" as they all 
come flooding back. SEIZE THE DAY!! 
SEIZE THE DAY and ALL that it brings.... 
BLESSINGS!! withRobbie Hill and LeeAnna Michelle Hill 
my LOVES... 


This year also marked the tenth year of being married
to my BEST friend, my anchor, my care giver,
the one who still TAKES MY BREATH AWAY!!
Jeremy and I marked one of my 
BUCKET LIST items off and took a
trip to a Bed and Breakfast in the neighboring
town of Natchez, MS. We truly enjoyed 
our trip......and look forward the next
ten years! and marking off more of our
BUCKET LIST items together!!