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Friday, February 20, 2015

and a shout out to the one who INTRODUCED me to Pocket Pals.... Bonita Rose

 I first fell in love with Bonita's bright personality, and
her vibrant art and photography.  She has a flare for
all things beautiful...from God's works of art in
a simple sunset or flower, to the atmosphere
in her livingroom.... literally...she captures the
every SINGLE day...and she does it oh so well.
So..... Project Life love is how I first began
following her webpage and instagram...
then day she posted about
Pocket Letter Pals...and I was hooked.
I'm home all day now..... and I have so, so, so
many arts and crafts supplies in my craft room...
what better way to spread some joy than
through happy mail and pen pals....
I'm just loving it!! So...big shout out...
you really should check out her webpage
at the link below the pics of her 
wonderMOUS Project Life & Pocket Letter
posted here.... SO AWESOME!!!
Bonita Rose~Project Life page..... see why I'm hooked on
her PL style!! It's absolutely breathtaking!!! She's got skills!
 Bonita Rose~Pocket Letter
I got my first PL from her and OHHHH the happy!!

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